What This Never-Trumper Said About What He Thinks About Trump Now Is Remarkable

When Donald Trump decided to run for the White House, he split the Republican party into two camps: the Trump supporters and the “Never-Trumpers,” the Blaze reported.

“Never-Trumpers are mostly conservatives who could not, in good conscience, support Trump’s candidacy, despite his upwelling of populist support from America’s heartland that looked like it could defeat Hillary Clinton.

“Many Never-Trumpers have relented a year and a half into Trump’s presidency, thanks to his action on tax reform and his Supreme Court nominees, Neil Gorsuch — who has since been confirmed to the court — and Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation process is heating up.”

During a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, last week, Fox News spoke to an unidentified man who was once a self-proclaimed Never-Trumper. Now, he says that he has switched his allegiance, and may now even vote for President Trump in the 2020 election.

The man told Fox that he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because he wasn’t sure that Trump would be “a good Republican,” but he said that Trump has done a substantial amount to change his mind.

“I was worried he wouldn’t be a good Republican and, honestly, he’s changed my mind a lot,” the man said.

“The best thing he’s done in my opinion is the tax cuts and the Supreme Court pick, and if he keeps doing a good job, I will — so I didn’t vote for anybody in this very last election, but this time around I probably will vote for him,” he explained.