WHOA: CNN Finally Tells The Truth, BADGERS Democrat For Unfairly Attacking Trump

CNN Alisyn Camerota

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota pressed Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut in a recent interview on why his party is refusing to acknowledge President Trump’s accomplishments.

When asked his thoughts on the possible meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, Blumenthal criticized the move, calling it “risky” and saying it “seems to validate this totalitarian regime.”

Camerota pushes back on Blumenthal’s negativity and asks why Democrats won’t give the President credit for his successes.

“We just threw together this sort of ad hoc list of what the President’s successes have been since he took office,” Camerota begins. “It is by no means complete and you might quibble with some of them but let me just lay them out for you. North Korea is in decline. The economic sanctions are working. ISIS caliphate gone. Strong relations with Israel. Saudi Arabia is now trying to modernize. Very strong economy at home, obviously. Look at what’s happening with the jobless numbers that will be out this morning and the stock market. Lowest corporate tax rate ever. And people on both sides said they wanted to bring the corporate tax rate down. So why, from where you sit, I don’t hear Democrats often giving the President credit for this. What gets in your way of giving him credit for some of these things?”

Blumenthal disregards the list of accomplishments and responds by highlighting other areas of neglect.

“There remain severe economic problems and challenges we need to surmount – the problem of gun violence in our society remains without real action,” Blumenthal says. “Our healthcare system needs to be improved so that people have access to real, quality medical care and treatment.”

Camerota agrees that there are still issues that need to be addressed, but asks again if he will give Trump credit.

Blumenthal offers him “partial credit”, before claiming former President Obama as the rightful successor to the achievements.

“I will give him partial credit for some of them. The economy, for example, is, with all due respect, the result of policies begun and sustained by President Obama and [Trump] is enjoying a lot of the credit for it.”