Wikileaks: The Hillary Clinton Campaign Colluded With China

Hillary Clinton in China

Wikileaks today dropped a bombshell, alleging that the Hillary Clinton for President campaign colluded with the Chinese government. If true, you can be sure the mainstream media will try to bury this and keep their focus on Russia.

Wikileaks just tweeted this out:

The first email concerns a staffer setting up a meeting between Clinton campaign chariman John Podesta and Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai. And before the left argues meeting with an ambassador is exactly what leaders are supposed to do, remember they mercilessly attacked Trump officials for meeting with the Russian Ambassador.

The email reads:

“Ambassador Cui Tiankai would like to have a meeting with Mr. Podesta at his earliest convenience. We don’t know if he has a scheduler now, so could you please help us convey this meeting request? Amb. Cui would like to talk about the China-U.S. relations and other issues of mutual interest.”

To which Melanie Hart, the Director for China Policy at the liberal group Center for American Progress forwards to John Podesta, stating:

“Ambassador Cui is requesting a meeting with you. Passing on the inquiry below from his team. Haven’t bugged them for more detail about what he hopes to discuss, would be happy to do so if that’s helpful. Copying Milia.

“If you do take the meeting it would be great to mention how much we appreciated his embassy’s assistance reaching out to Beijing offices for our CAP trips in March and June of this year.

“Hope all is well on your other project.”

The other email is from Kurt Campbell, a diplomat who served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under Hillary Clinton. He indicates the Chinese Ambassador wants to have an off-the-books meeting with Hillary Clinton campaign officials:

“Guys – Chinese Ambassador Cui invited me over to the residence Tuesday for a coffee and to make a request. He wants to have an informal, private, off the record get together with a few of us to discuss the next year and the current state of US-China affairs. He asked me to host a social meal at my house in the next month. He was fairly insistent and indicated that he wanted to pass along some perspectives. I told him I’d reach out to you all to see about your judgement on this and possible availability. I’m happy to make some chili and cornbread by the fire but let’s first decide whether this makes sense. Please let me know your thinking.”

So it is unsurprising that a number of Chinese officials declared their support for Hillary Clinton. Foreign Policy Magazine reported at the time:

“One might think that China would therefore welcome a Trump presidency. Yet conversations over the past six months with roughly half-a-dozen mid-ranking and high-ranking Chinese officials, as well as with sources afforded insight into the thinking of top Chinese policymakers, show that many in the Chinese political class grudgingly support Clinton — precisely because they believe a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the United States. Although on their face, many of Trump’s economic, political, and military policies would be far more beneficial to China than Clinton’s, the Chinese elite seem to prefer Trump’s opponent because they feel she would be better for the United States, its place in the world, and thus global stability, which remains of great importance to Beijing.”